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As of July 2017 we have moved into brand new laboratory space in Smart Energy Building. The laboratory is equipped with everything for synthesis, analysis and purification, spectroscopic and calorimetric studies on modified nucleic acids:

Six 5 feet fume hoods

Inert Atmosphere Glove Box

Rotary evaporators

Expedite 8909 DNA/RNA/PNA Synthesizer and Liberty Blue Peptide Synthesizer

Shimadzu 10A and 20A HPLC

Shimadzu UV-1800 UV/Vis and RF5301pc fluorescence spectrometers

MicroCal iTC200 and Luminescence Plate Reader

We have also direct access to shared Shimadzu LCMS, GCMS, FTIR, Fluorescence and UV-Vis spectrometers

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Updated 09/20/2017
By Monika Roznere
Photos: Jonathan Cohen and group members