Binghamton University NMR Spectrometer Reservation System
Help Notes

The BUNMR Spectrometer Schedules and Calendars may be accessed ONLY by authorized users from authorized computers.
Unauthorized users should see the DEMO of Scheduling Software at Indiana University.

Special Signup Permissions for the 600 MHz NMR

Groups with heavy NMR use may reserve extended blocks of time each month:
15 Days per Month
10 Days per Month
Advance reservation: >1 week--
Full-day reservation requests for the following month should be submitted to the NMR specialist by the end of the current month.
Any unreserved time slots may be used by anyone in accordance with the general rules below.

General NMR Signup Rules for all spectrometers:
(Exceptions require prior approval by the NMR specialist.)

The NMR specialist will reserve time as needed for maintenance or service experiments.
The maximum length of reservation blocks depends on the time of day and on the day of the week:
--Weekdays:   120 minutes between 8 am and 2 pm     
    30 minutes between 2 pm and 6 pm     
    60 minutes between 6 pm and 10 pm     
Advance reservation: 1 day     --
--Week-Nights:  10 hours between 10 pm and 8 am      Advance reservation: 1 week--
--Weekends:      4 hours between 8 am and 10 pm      .
  10 hours between 10 pm and 8 am     
Advance reservation: 1 week--
--Reservations that do not comply with these rules may be deleted at any time.--
--Users may only sign up with their own username.--
--No-shows will forfeit their reservation after 5 minutes.--
--Time on our spectrometers is very valuable and the purpose of the spectrometer PC is to run experiments, not to process them.
Help your fellow researchers get time on the spectrometers by
- reserving only time you know you will need for running your experiments,
- cancelling your reservation time, if you don't need it any more,
- processing and printing your spectra in your own lab or office or using one of our processing workstations

Reserving and Unreserving time:

  1. If the time when the schedule was last updated on your browser (the time shown in red at the top of the schedule) is not very recent, then click on the browser's Refresh button to reload the most recent schedule.
  2. To reserve/unreserve time, you MUST type in your Login and PassWord (PW).
  3. To sign up for time, click on the square next to the time period that you want to reserve. Time periods start at the time specified in the left column and last for 10 minutes.
  4. To cancel your reservation, click on the square next to your name for the time period that you want to unreserve. You may NOT cancel reservations made by other users. Time periods start at the time specified in the left column and last for 10 minutes.
  5. You may also type in the START and END time of your request at the beginning of the schedule. Accepted times are "1:00" to "12:50" in 10-minute increments. Also specify "add" or "delete", and "am" or "pm". For example, the following request will reserve the entire evening (until 7:59 the next morning):
    add delete
    START: 10:00 pm
    END: 7:50 am

  6. To submit your schedule request, click on Submit Request.
  7. The schedule program will ACCEPT your request and show you the new schedule, or it will REJECT your request and explain why this occured.

Reasons why your schedule request can be REJECTED:

Other Features:

Spectrometer Calendars

  1. The Calendar shows if each entire day is RESERVED or OPEN. If only part of a day has been reserved, then no comment will appear. The calendar may also show notes regarding the type of probe or other conditions for the spectrometer scheduled for each day.
  2. You can load the Schedule for a particular day by clicking on Schedule.
  3. You can change the month of the Calendar at the bottom of the Calendar page.
    Only the previous month, the current month, and the next 10 months can be accessed. For example, if the current month is November 1997, and you click on View September on the October 1997 Calendar, you will view the September 1998 Calendar, not the September 1997 Calendar. Similarly, if the current month is November 1997, and you click on View October on the September 1998 Calendar, you will view the October 1997 Calendar, not the October1998 Calendar.
    While this is a "bug" in the program, it can be faster to cycle through months in the "wrong" direction due to this "bug".
  4. Only the NMR Facility Staff and other authorized users may edit the Calendar. If you would like to reserve an entire day, please contact the NMR Facility Staff.