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"Yuxuan Wang has worked on the cutting-edge area of functional nanomaterials with unique properties and potential applications in bioimaging, transparent conductors and catalysts. He is currently focused on developing new wet-chemical synthesis methods and applied related techniques to obtain and characterize shape-controlled nanomaterials with various compositions and sizes. He has published seven articles and is first author on four of them. He has also made two conference presentations. A responsible and meticulous scholar, he has made significant contributions to several projects funded by the National Science Foundation, has developed a unique quantum dots synthesis strategy and successfully implemented the phase conversion. He is creative in designing and setting up experiments, and he systematically and safely studies the results. Called by his nominators “as hard working, dedicated and creative as a materials scientist can be,” he has successfully synthesized nanoparticles with different emission wavelengths and high quantum efficiency and his nominators praise his originality, productivity and independence."

---- cited from INSIDE Binghamton University, 22 March 2012          

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